Oval Crafty Magic Melt Hot Glue Sticks
Oval Crafty Magic Melt Hot Glue Sticks
Oval Crafty Magic Melt Hot Glue Gun

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These Oval Hot Melt Glue Sticks are a unique patented low temperature hot melt with a higher bond strength than typical general purpose adhesives and is recommended when working with more sensitive substrates such as florals, Styrofoam, needlecraft, paper, leather, fiberglass and more.

*These oval glue sticks fit the Princess Oval Glue Guns, and they also fit the Craftsman E-Z Fix Glue Gun.  Simply measure the dimensions of the end of your oval glue stick, or measure the area where the stick feeds into your glue gun.  The measurements of the oval will be very close to 1/4" x 1/2".


- Recommended Application Temperature 225 F (Low Temp.)
- Heat Resistance: 144°F 
- Viscosity at 225°F, Centipoise 28,000
- Shear Tensile Strength on Pine, PSI: 450
- FDA CFR 175.105
- Adhesive Tensile on Steel, PSI: 445
- Working Time Range: 20-30 seconds

Perfect for these surfaces, and more:

Synthetic ribbons
Floral Arrangements, 
Uphostery and Reupholstery (Double welt and gimp trim attachment)
Particle Board/Fir
Fabric and Apparel

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