Crafting Sticks - 2 Pack

Crafting Sticks - 2 Pack

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Stir up your gluing experience with our new glue skillet stir sticks. A crafting multi-purpose tool you're sure to love! The package includes two non-stick Teflon stir sticks that are perfect for assisting with any and all DIY projects. Stir sticks can be used in a variety of ways: assisting with placing craft materials on projects to protect your fingers from hot glue, stirring melted glue in glue skillets, placing glue from a skillet onto a project or craft material, rolling paper for making paper flowers, and more! Pairs great with any of the our glue skillets.


Product Features:

• NON-STICK TEFLON - These new stir sticks are made with a non-stick Teflon material. This allows the sticks to be moved freely through hot glue that can be easily scraped away or scraped off after each use.

• PROTECT YOUR FINGERS - Keep your fingers away from glue on projects by using these stir sticks to place your items on your projects!

• STIR THE GLUE - These stir sticks can be used to help melt the glue faster and help mix up already melted glue with newly added glue pellets in a glue skillet.

• DIMENSIONS - 8" Long to keep your hands at a safe distance from the melted glue while working with any of our glue skillets.

• INCLUDES 2 STIR STICKS - Two black stir sticks are included in this package.

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