Wheat Paste

Wheat Paste

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Real wheat paste, in bulk quantities. No more hunting through the phone book or home improvement stores and buying a pound at a time.

If you have ever tried to find wheat paste in the craft stores or home improvement stores, you know that it is getting harder and harder to find. All the big companies are selling vinylized wallpaper paste these days, and it simply isn't the same.

Our Wheat Paste is an outstanding adhesive for archival grade book making, paper mache, hanging wall paper, and general arts and craft use. It sets up hard as a rock, and when mixed with regular tap water, makes an excellent multi-purpose adhesive.

Our wheat paste mixes easily, and is non-toxic and non-staining. Easy clean up makes it great for kids, too!


a) Put 4-5 pints (depending on desired consistency) of lukewarm water in a clean bucket.
b) Add approximately 3 cups of paste into water while stirring.
c) Continue stirring till smooth consistency.
d) Let stand 5 minutes and stir again.
e) Stir occasionally while using for best results.

Mixing small amounts on demand in a pail with cool water is very easy and cost effective. Real wheat paste is faster, cleaner, stronger and more economical than the alternatives.

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