3 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Surebonder Construction Glue Sticks

If you are a homeowner, you may not think any product with the word “construction” in it is for you. However, there are many DIY fixes in a home that this hot melt is perfect for.  If you are looking for DIY hot glue gun projects, this is for you! We grabbed our trusty glustix glue gun and some of our MaxxBond construction glue and discovered 3 reasons why you need this now.

Great for Hot Glue Projects with Multiple Surfaces

Glutix MaxxBond construction glue is a must- have for any homeowner or DIY lover. This adhesive will bond to multiple surfaces including: wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, vinyl, leather, concrete, stone, glass, tile, fabric and more! With a one minute working time you can eliminate long drying times and allows you to finish projects quicker than before.

Our construction glue is a woodworking wonder. This adhesive provides a strong bond for; hard wood, soft wood, painted wood, stained wood, primed wood and more. This hot melt formula has a three minute working time, so you can be sure your placement is perfect and you have the benefit of a short cooling time. Make your projects stronger and complete them quickly.

DIY Home Projects in A Snap

If you want to do a quick room redesign, our MaxxBond construction grade glue sticks are the perfect solution. Adding trim to any room is a breeze. Apply our 3 Minute MaxxBond to the back of chair rail or baseboards and within minutes your work is done! Using glue instead of nails will eliminate the need for filling holes in your wood. Since the glue sets up quickly you also get the project completed faster.



Another way to spruce up a room is a faux fireplace. If you want to make one out of wood, we would again suggest our MaxxBond. 

No Power Tools, No Problem

Though power tools can be a big help, the fact is, not everyone has power tools or some people are intimidated by them. Most people are somewhat familiar with glue guns, even if they are small. This helps the larger glue guns be less threatening and gives you the power to complete projects that would otherwise be too large to contemplate.


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