5 Glue Gun Life Hacks You Need Now

Sometimes the best solutions can be found right in your own home. A lot of times we just forget about the little problems because we feel that the solution would be too expensive or too hard. Sometimes the best solutions can be found right in your own home. With these glue gun tips your mind will be blown and you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

Non-slip grip

One of the common struggles with home decor is rugs. They look beautiful, but when you step on them, they can slip out of place and possibly causing you to lose your balance. A simple and inexpensive way to solve this is a little hot glue. Just take your glue gun and create a resistant pattern on the bottom of the rug in all four corners. Allow the glue to completely cool and you are ready to take your next step with confidence.

Seal envelopes

In the 16th century, it was common to use wax to seal an envelope. Sadly, this elegant  method is not practiced anymore, but with a little hot glue you can make a delightful presentation for your letter. Just put a dab of glue on the lowest seal of your envelope and press a stamp, button or anything you might have to make an interesting indentation. If you really want to make your seal stand out just put a little paint on it and your letter and it will be sure to stand out when it arrives.


Texture/ decorate home decor

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what about creating that beauty out of nothing?

All you need to do is take the best glue gun  you have and create a beautiful design on the object you want to revamp. You can dazzle up a picture frame with a hot glue pattern or a flower vase in just a few minutes. If you want to seal the design in, just put a little paint over it and you just created a whole new look for your home decor piece.


Create any hanger into a non-slip hanger

We all know the problem of clothes falling onto the floor after being placed on a hanger. It can be frustrating and not all solutions actually solve the problem, until now. To keep your favorite pieces hanging, grab your hot glue gun and sticks to put a few lines of glue on the hanger and your wardrobe will stay put and keep you looking fabulous every time you use them.


Resize a ring

Many things can affect how rings fit your fingers, including weight gain/loss, temperature or even medical issues. Constantly resizing can take a lot of time and could possibly end up diminish the integrity of your beloved heirloom. Since this is a small project we suggest a mini glue gun. To fix this problem is to dip the bottom of the ring in a dab of hot glue and work it into a semicircle. This fix should get you through until you are ready to permanently resize the piece.

These hacks with a hot glue gun will bring your adulting to a whole other level. You can wake up every day and be certain that you can tackle the day and win.

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