How to Choose the Best Glue Gun for the Right Projects

There are so many creative projects that can be done using a glue gun but when you get to the store and you’re faced with a rack full of them, what do you choose? Well we pulled together some of our favorite Glu-Stix hot glue guns to help make this choice a little less overwhelming and help you bring your spectacular creations to life.

First you want to establish what type of project you want to complete and if you need a delicate but strong bond or you need a tougher bond due to the materials you plan to use. A low temperature glue gun will provide a strong bond but not destroy delicate material such as; lace, foil, ribbon, lightweight fabric and floral foam. Using a low temp gun with foam is extremely important. A high temp gun could melt the foam back from your touch points you are trying to glue together causing issues with your bond.

This is why we recommend a low temp gun with foam- so you have better bonding. We love our Mini Size Hot Melt Glue Guns - Dual and Low Temp for lighter, smaller projects to keep your delicate material intact while you bond it together. Anytime you complete a project with delicate material it’s important to make sure nothing is damaged during the glue process which a low temp gun can help prevent.

A high temp gun will provide a strong but tougher bond for heavier material such as; metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, magnets and all non porous material.  For these types of material you want to make sure that you have the appropriate glue gun for the job.

Our 12 Volt High Temperature Glue Gun is a great option for bonding heavier materials and gives you the strength from our glue sticks that you need for your project to last for years to come.


If you are not sure what temperature you need you can also go with a Dual Temp Glue Gun that gives you the option.

Now that we have established what to look for as far as temperature, let's look at additional features that may make a difference when working on projects. One of the problems that can occur is trying to get the glue gun to sit safely when you set it down. Our Mini Size Hot Melt Glue Gun (Dual and Low Temp) has a redesigned body that allows you to set the glue gun down on its side or right side up without the glue back feeding.


If you are one of those who after you leave the house starts to wonder if you left anything on we even have a solution for that! Our Automatic Shut Off Mini & Regular Size Hot Melt Glue Guns will shut off after 30 minutes of non-use, the gun will automatically shut-off. The timer is set in the trigger so each time you squeeze the trigger the timer resets.

Cordless mean freedom! Another great option for those of us who do not like to be tethered is our Cordless Glue Gun series. This allows you to work and have freedom from the constant concern of where the cord is and making sure it is not in the way of your project. 

If crafts are not your thing but you are looking for something heavier but still lighter than an industrial duty hot glue gun, you want something a little lighter duty than a industrial glue gun that would be perfect for woodworking, packaging and larger DIY projects then our Heavy Duty Hot Melt Glue Guns are the way to go. These hot glue guns will help you and become your favorite as you branch out onto more difficult projects. 


Lastly, take the wattage of your glue gun into consideration. You will find there are various levels and for one purpose- heat recoup time. Bring the time you will spend gluing into the equation. The best way to explain this is the equation of “wattage = glue time”. If you are trying to use a 40 watt glue gun for a large project that requires a lot of hot glue, you will run into a few issues.

Once you start working, you will notice that the heat recoup time after you output hot glue will be lengthy. Some may continuously squeeze the trigger because nothing is happening. That is because the gun is working to heat up the glue again and cannot keep up with your pace. Sound familiar?

What you really would need for your larger project is a higher wattage glue gun that will keep up with the amount of glue you need at the pace at which you need it. This is one of crafters lifelong struggles. Not to mention we go an even step further with a 5ft roll of glue!

For smaller projects, a low temp gun is perfect. Our Cool Shot Glue Gun which is designed to melt at a lower temperature making it a safer way to glue.

Remember, when choosing the right glue gun that Glu-Stix has everything you need for all of your crafts and projects. We love to see our customers creations! Don’t forget to find us on social media and share your photos with us!


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