Happy Fourth of July Decor With Hot Glue Sticks

Fourth of July is coming up! We love this time of year because it means we can break out our red, white and blue colored glue sticks! Whether you are having a party or want to deck out your home in Americana decor, this 5 minute craft will blow your mind.

  • What you need:

    • Glass block
    • Red hot glue sticks (20-40 mini glue sticks)
    • White hot glue sticks (20-40 mini glue sticks)
    • Blue hot glue sticks (20-40 mini glue sticks)
    • Americana decor on wire 

First, take your block and take any tags off of it and make sure it’s clean. Place your block on one of its sides, this will help us place the colors where we want them to be. Take your red glue sticks and place them inside the block on the bottom. Next, place the white glue sticks on top of the red and lastly place the blue glue sticks on top of the white.

Flip your block so it’s upright and squeeze any additional glue sticks in if needed. Just be sure the order still stays red, white, and blue.

Finally, add your Americana decor to the block and you’re done! 

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