How To Make Glitter Winter Pine Cones

Pine cones are a common items to have as home decor during the holidays and even a common item to find in your front yard. Whether you re-purpose your holiday decor or pick up a few off your porch you can create a beautiful winter pine cones that will decorate your home all winter long.

Things you need:

The first step is to paint your pine cones white. Now when you paint them white, do not paint the entire cones you want to leave the middle of the cones brown. Just paint the outside and some of the inner pieces. This will help create a more   of a realistic look of snow falling on the cone.

Take your pine cones to the next level.  At the edge of each painted pine cone seed, use the Light Duty Detailer Glue Gun to apply small amounts of glitter hot melt glue. Apply the glitter glue in small sections, allowing each section to cool. This allows us to grab the recently decorated area  and move to the next one.    

The amazing thing about our Glitter Sticks is that unlike using regular hot glue and glitter, our Glitter Sticks will not leave glitter everywhere. You can also pick them up without removing a lot of glitter which will help your project sparkle for years to come!

Repeat this process for each pine cone until all five are completed. When your beautiful Winter Pine Cones are completed, simply place them around your home or on a dish to create a winter centerpiece.


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