Pet Safety Tips For Arts and Crafts

Pets are curious by nature. They love to get in the middle of everything their humans are doing, but, sometimes safety can become an issue. When working with a project, it is important to keep the animals of the house safe. These four tips will help your best furry-friend stay safe while you are creating a DIY masterpiece.

Keep Your Crafts Organized

There will be many times where your project contains small pieces that your pet can get hold of and chew or swallow like glue sticks.  We suggest keeping these items that could potentially harm out of reach.  This gives your furry friend less opportunities to grab hold of something they shouldn’t have.

Divert Attention

Sometimes the best way to keep your pets safe while you are crafting is to divert their attention to something else. If you have a cat or a dog that likes to stay close by then bring them into another room with a few toys for them to play with.  Bringing a toy into another area may divert their attention long enough for you  to work on your DIY project.

Clean After Crafting

After you have completed your project, be sure to clean your work area thoroughly. Put any small items away in bins and make sure there is nothing left out for your pet to find later. A few glue gun tips we have is to make sure your glue gun is cool and unplugged before walking away from it.  Our furry friends don’t know that it can harm them so it’s our job to make sure we protect them.

Be Aware

Lastly, it is important to always be aware of your surroundings.  Know where your pet is at all  times. If they seem to be interested in your project, keep them at a safe distance. It may not be an  easy task, however, it’s worth it.  A pet is just not an animal in your home, but it is another member of your family.

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