10 Surprising Uses for Hot Melt Glue Around the House

When you think of hot melt glue, you think glue guns, glue sticks, crafting and minor fixes. But hot melt glue can be used in many ways you've probably never even thought of -- as a quick and secure alternative to professional and time-consuming repairs. Why spend a lot of money on small repair jobs around your home or buying new goods when in five minutes you can fix what's broken yourself?

  1. Use a small glue gun like the Light Duty Hot Glue Gun to fix a cracked picture frame. Sand any chipped or splintered exposed areas. Squeeze out a small amount of hot melt glue to one of the broken ends, then press that end to the other and hold for ten seconds or so to fix the picture frame.
  2. If the sole of your shoe is loose or tearing you can easily fix sneakers with the Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun. It is ideal for sneaking between the base of the shoe and its sole. Squeeze a steady stream of glue along the inner seam and press firmly to glue together to repair shoes.
  3. You can fix a stripped screw hole in wood, to facilitate door hinge repair by filling the stripped hole with hot melt glue, then drilling a pilot hole with a 1/8" bit.
  4. Use an industrial size glue gun for vinyl siding repair. You'll want something like the Motorized Hot Glue Gun for larger jobs. For smaller household repairs and patch ups, use the Industrial Glue Gun.
  5. So many times we go to fix our child's favorite toy with an old tube of super glue, only to find it dried up with the cap glued permanently closed. A hot melt glue gun heats up in less than 5 minutes, the glue hardens in 30 seconds, and your child is smiling again, giving you peace.
  6. Use the Mini Hot Melt Gun to reattach that piece of rubber that's been flopping around on the bottom of your sneaker annoying you for the past month. There's no need to walk around in discomfort when you could repair sneakers in just a few moments.
  7. If you need to repaint and want a smooth space to work with, you can fill a nail hole in a plaster wall by squirting the glue in, then covering with painter's tape, flattening any lumps. Let the glue harden, remove the tape, and you're ready to paint. The Cordless Glue Gun gives you the freedom to work anywhere.
  8. Does your chair squeak every time you sit down? It's probably loose. With a quick squirt of hot melt glue into the shaky joints, your furniture will sound good as new, and probably last a lot longer.
  9. Sometimes favorite photos slip from their frames, suspending themselves diagonally and making your memory a mess. With the Ultra Low Temp. Cool Shot Mini Glue Gun, you can attach that photo permanently to the matting.
  10. If you've got sleek metal glasses frames, trying to replace a screw can leave you with a stripped hole and a headache. Chunky, plastic rims? One crack is tantamount to disaster. Just a dot of hot melt glue applied with the Mini Hot Melt Gun will have you back in commission.

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