Faux Wax Seal Seals With Hot Melt Glue Sticks - Color Or Glitter


Getting a letter in the mail is always a highlight, especially since emails and social networking have overtaken the personal message market. When you're sending something special like a wedding invitation, a thank you card, or holiday cards,  it's easy to dress up the envelope even more by making your own wax seal.

Traditional wax seals require melting wax over an open flame, which can be dangerous and messy. It also takes time, patience, and perfectionism.

Create a beautiful wax seal in mere seconds with a hot melt glue gun, colored or glitter glue sticks. It's so simple and safe, you can even let your kids help.

You'll Need:

To make a professional-looking seal, heat up the glue gun and insert the glue stick. Stamp the seal in the clear ink. Squeeze a thin puddle of glue onto the stationery where you'd like to seal. It should be about the size of a dime. Press the stamp into the glue and hold steady for five seconds. You should see a small ridge of glue squish out from the outer rim of the stamp. Remove the stamp and send off your letter.

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