How Do I Get Rid Of Hot Melt Glue Strings or Tails ?

Here are eight ways to keep glue strings to a minimum:

1. Be sure that your hot glue gun is completely heated before pulling the trigger.

2. Use high temperature glue sticks in a high temperature glue gun.  Use low temperature glue sticks in a low temperature glue gun.  If your glue gun and glue sticks are mismatched, there may be strings.

3. Most low temperature glues will string to some extent, unless the glue formula states that it is a low stringing or non stringing glue.  The Low Stringing General Purpose Hot Melt Glue Sticks are designed for low, high, and dual temperature glue guns.

4. As you pull the glue gun away from the surface that you are gluing, turn your wrist and the glue gun in a circular motion to cut the string or “tail”.

5. Adjustable Temperature Glue Guns allow you to increase the temperature of the hot glue, which makes most glue formulas thinner in viscosity.  In many cases, thinner and hotter glue produces fewer strings.

6. Use a Non Stick Glue Pad to wipe off any excess build-up of hot glue that may accumulate on the tip of the nozzle.

7. You can also wipe the tip of the glue gun nozzle against the Non Stick Glue Pad to cut the string.

8. A Heat Tool can be used to carefully re-melt adhesives, strings, and tails.

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