Polyamide Hot Melt Glue Information Sheet

Polyamide hot melt adhesives such as Ultra-Tac are used in a variety of critical applications. Most polyamide glues possess a broad range of adhesive properties, exhibit excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials, and bond well to porous substrates. They also demonstrate good chemical and oil resistance, and show good adhesion over a wide range of service temperatures.

Most polyamides, particularly the dimer acid polyamides, are prone to oxidation and must be stabilized by antioxidants. Although the stabilizers will vary with the polyamide, the most common antioxidants that are used are hindered phenols, phosphites, phosphates, and hindered aromatic amines. Even with chemical stabilization, it is important to keep polyamide glue sticks and pellets sealed in an air-tight package between uses.

For ultra high demand gluing projects such as high temperature environments, metal to metal, or any non-porous to non-porous requirement, Ultra-Tac polyamide glue is widely regarded as the best in all regards. There is no other glue on the market which is stronger over a wider range of conditions than Ultra-Tac.

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