Jewelling with Hot Melt Glue


Jewels, Gems, & Rhinestones ~

One of the best things about our Jewelry Hot Melt Glue is its ability to thoroughly secure three-dimensional objects to any base without those objects eventually prying loose. Unlike school glue, rubber cement or other cold glues that allow the heavier materials to slip and slide out of position, hot melt glue holds them fast at any angle without streaking or breaking.

You'll Need:

Wipe the jewels down with a clean cloth rag to make sure all dust and residue is removed from the surface.

Heat the Light Duty Detailer Mini Glue Gun. (You can use any other glue gun, by the way, just make sure to choose a small nozzle from the Glue Gun Nozzles set, so that your detail work remains pristine.) Gently insert the Jewelry Hot Melt Glue Sticks and test the stream of glue on the rag, so that the glue dispenses evenly as you dot your small gems with it.

Apply a dot of glue to the fabric or other surface of your choice, then quickly press whichever jewel you're using first into the glue. The pressure should be gentle but firm. Keep your fingers still as the glue dries. This should take just seconds. Repeat this process until your base is covered to your satisfaction.

NOTE: If you are placing a jewel inside a jewelry base, make sure it fits correctly first. You may want to visit a local jeweler to double check that you got the sizes right. A mismatched jewel will look odd in a ring, necklace or earring setting, even if the glue is strong enough to keep it in place forever.

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