Using Hot Melt Glue in Floral Arranging

Making floral arrangements is a simple and rewarding craft. Whether you're sprucing up your home to your tastes or preparing a heartfelt, personalized gift for a loved one, these arrangements add a focal point of life anywhere they're set.

Using glue guns to permanently fix the pieces in place is the traditional way to go, but that requires a steady hand and an expert ability. With a hot glue skillet, you can easily apply glue to your pieces without glue stick strings or precision work.

You'll Need:

Plug in the skillet and melt the skillet glue until the separate cubes have dissolved. Put your base on a level surface, so that the work is steady and secure. Dip the areas of your flowers and extras that will be attached to the base into the skillet one at a time. Firmly press the glued ends against the base where you'd like the flowers to set and hold for a few seconds. The flowers will be permanently attached within moments. Once you have gone through all of your pieces, your arrangement will be home-ready immediately.

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